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Do you have pain in your hands or wrists when typing at the computer? Do you have a history of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Golf or Tennis Elbow?  There are many reasons why you may have pain in your arm, wrist, or hand, including overuse of particular muscles, poor ergonomics and body mechanics, sports injuries, etc

There are multiple muscles throughout your forearm, upper arm, and hand, which allow you to perform tasks such as carrying groceries, opening doors, and lifting the grand-kids!  These muscles attach to the elbow and cross the wrist via multiple tendons which can often get inflamed or stretched.  With physical therapy, you can return to your normal activities pain free!!  Here at Roberts Physical Therapy and Massage, we can help the muscles and tendons relax, stretch back to a normal length, and teach you exercises to strengthen the muscles and prevent the injuries from happening again!

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Elbow, Wrist and Hand Pain