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Imagine your pelvis is like a bowl that got cut down the middle.  In order to operate effectively, both halves of the bowl  need to be in perfect alignment. However, for many patients, one half has tilted forward slightly and/or rise up slightly.  As a result, your skeletal alignment is disrupted, resulting in low back, foot and knee pain, as well as upper back, shoulder and neck pain!  Correcting mis-alignments of the pelvis is quick, easy, and relatively painless...although it may take several treatment sessions to maintain the pelvic alignment long term.  In addition to the use of specialized techniques to correct the alignment, physical therapists at Roberts Physical Therapy and Massage will also teach you gentle stretches and exercises to correct the muscle imbalance causing the rotation of the pelvis and focus on maintaining proper alignment and posture. 

Ilial/Pelvic Rotations & Dysfunctions

Low back pain plagues millions of Americans each year.  Back pain can disrupt sleep, interrupt productivity at work, and make everyday tasks and activities unbearable.   There are several muscle groups in addition to the back muscles that are responsible for back pain.  Known as "referred pain", knots, trigger points and other irritations in muscles surrounding the low back are the actual culprits - not the back itself!!  It is often a good idea for patients to consult with their physicians in addition to physical therapy to determine if bulging discs, degenerative joint disease, degenerative disc disease or other condition may be contributing to your pain.  

Low Back Pain

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