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Manual Physical Therapy

Manual physical therapy is a specialized hands-on approach utilizing Muscle Energy Techniques (MET), mobilization and manipulation for the management of neuromuscular and musculoskeletal conditions.

These techniques have been shown to be highly effective for acute and chronic pain while decreasing recovery time for -re-and post-surgical rehabilitation.  Our therapists have the extensive training and experience needed to provide the most effective treatment for your patients.

How does Manual Therapy differ from Chiropractic adjustments?

Both aim at restoring mobility to the spine and extremities. However, they differ greatly in their belief systems and treatment approaches.

Manual therapists utilize direct mobilization and soft tissue manipulation to correct muscular imbalance in the entire body, which may lead to abnormalities in the spine and extremities (i.e: a rotated vertebrae or hip, decreased range of motion, etc.).  

Manual Therapists incorporate massage, myofascial release, and individualized exercise programs and patient education into their treatment plan.   The unique exercise program focuses on strengthening and retraining specific muscle groups to allow the patient to continue to improve on their own and prevent reoccurrence of the condition/injury.

Chiropractors' main treatment intervention is direct manipulation, through high thrust movements, of the spine (which they believe is due to joint dislocation/realignment) within the spine.  Treatment involves repeated and continual spinal column readjustments.