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Free Courtesy Screenings

Let us help you decide if physical therapy is right for you! No prescription needed! One of our physical therapists will gladly provide a free-of-charge mini evaluation to determine the cause of your pain/condition and how we can help you get better!  We will then send you home with a brief description of our findings and a script that is already filled out - just needs your doctor's signature!! Please call us at 804-747-0003 to schedule your free courtesy screening.

New Patients

What does a person need to do to get treatment?
The State of Virginia requires that all Physical Therapy treatments be under a doctor's care, which means that the patient must obtain a prescription for treatment before Physical Therapy can begin.  However, the patient may specify where they would like to go for their treatments!  Roberts Physical Therapy and Massage accepts most types of insurance.

How fast should a patient see results and how long will it last?

Since treatment plans are uniquely designed for each individual, results will vary.  Patients typically notice reduced pain and increased range of motion within the first few sessions.  Basic instructions on therapeutic and home exercise programs will help expedite the patient's recovery.  The goal of each treatment plan is to correct the condition permanently.  The patient would only need to resume sessions if they re-injured themselves.

What type of environment should a patient expect at Roberts Physical Therapy and Massage?
At Roberts Physical Therapy and Massage, we've created a relaxing, comfortable environment that respects your privacy in a quiet, non-clinical atmosphere geared to promote your healing process.  You'll be greeted by friendly staff members, enjoy a private treatment room with soothing music, and receive one-on-one attention in our state-of-the-art exercise area.