Have you recently had a joint replacement, rotator cuff repair, or other surgery?  Let us help you get back to your regular activities as quickly as possible!!  Both deep tissue massage and dry needling along with manual therapy and exercise have been proven to decrease healing time and improve patients' overall function levels following treatment compared to other types of physical therapy and treatment.  

Whether you're the star soccer player or preparing for your first 5k race, the physical therapists and massage therapists at RPTM can help you! We can help ease your acute and chronic pain caused by a sports injury, with specialized physical therapy and sports massage.

Sports massage can help to improve your performance in the activity of your choice. 

  • Sports massage is designed to increase oxygen supply to the muscles, restore normal muscle length, and improve their abilities and function.

Sports massage is not only beneficial after a competition or event, but can also be very useful during training and in preparation for the big game!  Keeping your muscles in good health will allow you to train more efficiently and decrease the risk of injury during the competition.

Sports-Related Injuries

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation and Treatment

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